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Seton Tuning R1 2015-2019 Bellmouth kit

£579.00 Excluding tax

The Seton R1 2015+ titanium decat and race silencer exhaust system has been developed to pass 102db noise testing on track days without compromising power output

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Seton Tuning 2015-2018 Bellmouth kit is specially designed kit boosts peak power by as much as 12hp @ 14k RPM and generally a 5-7hp increase at peak. In addition you will also benefit from better drive by reducing wheelies (and therefore less electronic intervention) and a smoother torque curve. The increase in peak performance yields higher top speeds which coupled with a smoother power delivery and increased drive helps in reducing lap times and makes the bike easier to ride.

To get the best from this kit you will need to have the ecu remapped to suit. We also offer this service but recommend the use of FTecu Activetune which constantly maps the bike as you ride

The secondary bellmouths will need to be modified for this kit. you can either send them in to us and we will do the modification free of charge and send them back with your bellmouth kit or you can follow the instruction video and do the modifications yourself.



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