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Customer References & Testimonials

Firstly I want to say, I rarely post reviews or even anything on my Social Media about my bikes or trackday exploits, preferring to stay ‘under the radar’ but I have to tell you my experience with Stringer Variable Length Velocity Stacks on my 2018 ZX10RR.

When Mike told me about the Stringer Variable Length Velocity Stacks I didn’t believe him how they would transform my bike, I’d heard of velocity stack kits that replace the stock stacks that claim big gains but in reality the improvements are barely noticeable, so I went into this modification with a pinch of salt.

However, what can I say, the difference in the bike is night and day to before we installed the stacks.

At Portimao last week I could tell it’s a massive increase on corner Exit and the other thing I noticed is the better power delivery. as in the front wheel was not coming up so high and there was a noticeable increase in the speed at the top end, which is what I wanted, I didn’t get overtaken once in 3 days and absolutely nothing could keep with me on the straights, I was astonished at how the bike leapt out of the corners and the higher midrange power allowed me to not only keep with the latest bikes like S1000RR, Ducati V4 and V4R on the straights but reeled them in passed them before turn one.

This is an absolute must do modification for any bike that doesn’t come from the factory with variable length stacks, you not only get massive increase in midrange but the better throttle response allows you to get on the gas sooner and without being more aggressive on the throttle coming out of corners. It is by far the best money I have spent v’s the improvement received in the bike. Do it now!

As a side note Mike also supplied me with new Brembo T-Drive disks and Z04 pads which has massively moved my braking markers closer to the corner over the Brembo Supersport disks I was using, despite being on treaded tyres on this trip rather than my normal slicks.

Thanks Mike!

The changes to my bike massively improved my riding, reduced my laptimes and made the Portimao trip my best ever! Can’t thank you enough – Jose

Order your stacks here


ZX10RR 2018

Amazing.  Totally different bike!  I never realised just how extreme the injector cut is when rolling off the throttle.  Makes slow speed cornering much more predictable.  Just all round generally easier to ride, smoother and more fun.  Plus, it’s got rid of the major backfires when changing gear, now it just crackles on deceleration which sounds great.   Massive fan of this service, thank you very much for the service and fast turnaround.


Yamaha MT07

The  (Rotobox) wheel came out looking so good on the bike and I just wanted to thank you for your time, effort, and business!!!


Ducati 939 Supersport S 2017

These spoilers are great


Yamaha R1 BX4

But before i feelt the Hayabusa as a heavy superbike and,you have to realy work with the bike in the curves,and it feelt a litle slow on the reaction to adjust it.But with the Rotobox on is much quicker to handle in the curves,and much more easier to change the angle in the curves. Just love theme,and looking forword to try theme more tomorrow.

The Hayabusa has enough power in the engine,but with theese on it is perfect to ride.



Hi Mike, Thanks for really getting a proper tune the bike is really performing great  now , and as I sorted the use of a QS myself we are really flying (and)
very close at my personal best  I set on a Kawasaki ZX6R back 2016. Didn´t really thought a Suzuki GSXR 600 could run so well.
Set 4th best time 4 times in a row among 1000s!!


Thank you so much for the carbon wheels, you’ve been very attentive and helpful……. Great set of wheels! 

KTM 1290 Superduke

I just wanted to say thank you again for getting that sorted for me today. That FTecu ActiveTune is the absolute nuts isn’t it! Best money I’ve ever spent on the bike, it’s so so smooth now, and I’ve picked up some decent midrange and a bit of top end as well!
Couldn’t be happier mate and I’ll recommend this kit to anyone who’ll listen!

R1 2015-2016 2CR

First chance to try the bike last night.
Definitely seems more responsive and tick over is more stable.

R1 2007-2008 4C8

I have just been out on the bike since the ECU has been flashed.
Wow what a difference, very happy with what you have done.
Looking forward to next season now. Definitely worth every penny! Thank you Mike !

R1 2009-2014

This is the second time I approached Mike @Veloxracing. (see my 1st review, White/Red RN19 4C8). My first experience on my RN19 with FTEcu was so positive, now that I have my second bike, I wanted to flash this bike myself so I can fine tune all the details to my own liking. ( I used the Mail In Flash Tune)

This tool is addictive, I must have tried 10 images already and try to keep all the best results and combine them into an image I made myself. The feedback and availability from Mike is fast, it’s almost like he is there with you!

The RN22 is not really a comfortable machine to throw around at sub 3k RPMS, but having this tool, you can really customize your experience anywhere on the rev band. Having “total” control over the ECU is a real must to R1 owners out there, I can’t say anything else to the people who aren’t using FTEcu, you are missing out.


R1 2009-2014

Mike with VeloxRacing was a pleasure deal with from the first enquiry, the Rotobox Boost wheels that I ordered arrived in the specified time, the quality of the finish is absolutely amazing, they have completely transformed the handling of my ZZR1400, the bike now feels more like a 1000, could not be happier with them, worth every penny!
(more pictures in this blog post)


After I installed the flash tune system and active tune kit my bike did more than surprise, it was a thrill to ride again.  Felt like a brand new bike.  Thanks again to Mike and team at VeloxRacing for all the help and service buying what I needed to make my FZ-07 awesome again.


I sent my ECU to Mike mainly to smooth out the fly by wire engagement as it was extremely jerky which unsettled the bike when cranked over in to bends.
I received the ECU back in two days after posting and I couldn’t be happier with the results the bike is so smooth now It feels amazing!

R1 2016 Anniversary

My Rotobox Boost wheels are just great, flip flops over fast S bends with ease.
saved 2kg from front and 4kg from rear complete wheel/tyre assemblies
accelerates faster , and rides like a magic carpet over undulating and nadgery back roads.
Thanks Mike


I did have a short ride this afternoon, the bike is awesome, the live tune work really well with the unrestricted map, I got some water came out at the exhaust pipe when the bike is idle(like the brand new stock bike), very smooth and linear throttle responded, feel more power also, this is the best mod I did on this bike, thanks.


We actually managed to string a few good days of weather together last weekend so I had chance to give my flashed ECU a good workout.
To say I was impressed would be an understatement. Awesome would be a better discription. The power delivery right through the rev range is superb. The jerky throttle in traffic and round islands is no more.
All that is left to say is thankyou very much for a job well done. The service and speed at which you turned the job round was faultless.

R1 4C8

The difference was astounding ,it improved everything all through the rev range  ,the main thing being a everyday rider, before the Flash the throttle was like a on off switch at low revs pulling away,so much unnecessary engine braking that was horrible, after the flash tune it felt like what you did to the throttle was directly connected to what happens at the crank. The velox racing flashtune has got to be the best money I’ve spent on her. cheers Fred

R1 4C8

Awesome company bloody great delivery and amazing bloke to deal with cheers Mike.

Totally chuffed does not come close. This is how every company should be run.

R1 14B

Hi mike just wanted to say after a 5 hour ride out today in the peaks the bike feels great pulls stronger low down and off corners the difference is is like night and day compared to stock I would recommend anyone to get a flash done.

R6 13S

Engine runs smoothly now. Tickover dropped to a nice level around 1100rpm. Mls per gallon slightly improved, av 54.

Throttle response in lower gear major improvement as is the acceleration,gets up to good speed 50% faster.
The overwhelming improvement is you can now ride the bike how you want and is a lot more fun and to me that’s what it all about. Went out today with a friend on his Gs1200 and to be frank got bored following him. Many thanks.



I am another one that didn’t think there was anything wrong with the standard bike but how wrong was I? ECU received in post on Friday. Excellent service and turn-round from Mike at Velox. Fitted it Saturday morning and took the bike for a test ride this morning. Wow what a difference! This really is how it should have been originally. It pulls better from standstill right through to the red line. Everything is smooth and linear and just seems so right. T mode is now useful as a smooth comfortable touring mode or for wet roads and S mode really is sporty. It seems as if the original performance had lots of lumps, bumps and gaps in it and the flash has filled and smoothed it all out. I’m looking forward to next weekend so that I can get some more miles in. It’s like having a new bike!


Mike flashed my bike and I thought it was so awesome afterwards I married him 🙂

GSXR1000 K6

My xtz1200 has been flashed by Mike..this bike is now awesome, the way it should be, no restrictions and altogether better to feels like an animal when you twist the throttle. Many thanks to Mike for a great sevice and excellent communication and help in answering all my stupid questions. I highly recommend Velox racing


Just a short email to say thanks I had my first run on the r1 since the flash and its silky smooth and much better than before ,cheers and keep the good work up

R1 4C8

hi mike just a quick message to say awesome transformation you have done tuning my ecu,the power all the way through and excellent service cheers

R1 4C8

First off, thanks for the quick turnaround, excellent service!!

Got the Ecu fitted and tested over the weekend.

Was able to remove the clutch jumper, which I was never happy using but made a difference, found the throttle sharper and more responsive.

One big plus I wasn’t expecting was fuel consumption, up about 5mpg!!!
I was always reading about guys getting around 50 but I struggled to get 40mpg (must be the way I ride) so getting an extra 5 is a massive difference and worth the upgrade alone. Thanks again.



This is the first time i have took my yamaha R1 out for a run since i had my ecu re flashed and hell what a difference. It is so smooth especially at low revs and town riding,the engine breaking is better when going into corners so less breaking. I find i have more confidence when riding the bike,i get more mpg and it doesn’t run as hot when stuck in traffic. Mike has done a great job,before i had the ecu re flashed i rung him up to ask what he does and what difference it would make,he was so helpful which made up my mind to have it done. So if you own an R1 get it done asap


YZF R1 14B Anniversary

If you’re in two minds about having your ECU flashed, don’t be ………………… Just get it done. Before I had mine done, I was in two minds about getting the ECU flashed or playing around with the gearing to try and achieve what I wanted from the bike. Most modern bikes are restricted from the factory purely for the Co2 emissions, especially down the lower RPM range. The bike lacked in low to mid rpm power, which usually ended up in me having to change down one or even two gears. Don’t get me wrong once these bikes get into the high RPM, they are quick, but I wanted more user power down the low to mid end…………

Flashing the ECU gave me everything I was looking for without having to change the gearing. The bike now has a nice clean linear line power from low right through to the high RPM, meaning the power doesn’t kick you in the face at the higher rev range. It’s more controllable around town and will happily run at 30mph in top gear, and will pull away quickly without the need of changing down gear. U-turns and roundabouts are easily controlled without the need to use your clutch to control the bike. Acceleration is extremely smooth and quick too, you’ll get there quicker than you realise. Engine braking is much smoother especially around the country lanes.
Mike was brilliant when he flashed my bike, not realising I had an import, he went out of his way to solve this issue, and the ECU was returned very quickly. I’ve done about 500 since I had the unit flashed, and I am loving every minute of each ride, learning the way the power is delivered throughout the rev range………… It’s the best mod you can make.


R1 4CB

I’ve just fitted it and taken it for a spin…. Jesus F’ing Christ!! It’s absolutely mental! Feels like I’ve fitted a supercharger to the bike!Just has bundles of power that weren’t there before and the midrange is unbelievable. So glad I got it done have been umming and arring about doing it for a long time now, makes a huge difference and have already recommended it to a few mates. Mike… You sir are a wizard!!!


R1 4C8

Sorry its taken so long to get back to you with a verdict on the flash-tune, Brands was a bit of a washout so didnt really push the bike as hard as i’d of liked. that said it did feel much crisper on the throttle and much better out of the bends, sending me to a top 10 finish which is my best result yet. This weekend we’ve been at Donny, still dodgy conditions due to the cold, but the bike is like a missle now, feels totally differnt, in a good way. I’m reeling in and easily passing guys who we’re a fair bit quicker than me at the end of last year. It’s surprised me how something as simple and straight forward as flashing the ECU has gained me about 10 – 15 places in a race. finishing near the bottom of the pack at the end of last year. now getting top tens out a 40 bike pack. Very happy with the results

R6 2C0

Mike was an absolute gent to deal with. I was initially concerned about taking the ECU out of my bike and sending it off. Mike set my mind at ease and assured me that it would be returned same day as he received it. True to his word it was back in Ireland as quick as the post could get here and did exactly what he said it would do. What Mike did to the ECU released the true potential of the motorcycle and it is a different bike since. I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone who owns an R1 to use Mike for this service

R1 4C8

Hi Mike, Tried bike out yesterday WOW what a difference.Love the reduction in engine braking and throttle response.Very pleased customer thanks

R1 14B

Been out on the bike a couple of times since and it feels a million times better! (Especially in ‘a’ mode!)

The bike is much smoother and a joy to ride !


R1 14B

Can i just say big THANK YOU to Mike for the ecu flash as i was lucky enough to get a good few hours on the R1 last sunday and its as a 1000cc bike should be !!

R1 4C8

The paint and finish is amazing! Great product love it!


Yamaha R1 B3L

Just got the part today, looks amazing and took a few minutes to install! Thank you for such great service! Here’s a picture of how it looks.


Yamaha R1 B3L

I’m quentin of the order XXXXXX I’m super happy with the result 👌🏼 thank you again


Yamaha R1 BX4

WP Wings Quality is good,  nice fit 👌 👍  makes the bike stand out Even more now 👌


Yamaha R1 2CR

I have built in and tested the ECU Friday. Nice job! I will recommend you.
Best regards Stefan


MT07 2015

Just want to say thank you closed your the dzus clips and made one hole a bit bigger fits perfect 

R1 2020-2021

Hi Mike,, just got r1 finished and back on road,, brillant job with ecu, thanks,
Jim M

R1 4C8

Just wanna say thank you for your service flashing my ecu it’s like night and day compared to my power commander can’t believe the difference 👍
Everything all smoother out and glad you recommended your map thank you!

R6 13S

Ordered the Spark MotoGp full system for my bike, it’s an amazing exhaust, lightweight, highest quality, amazing sound, LOUD!
Bike put down 165hp stock and 204hp with exhaust filter and flash, huge increase !
Here is a picture of my bike with the exhaust fitted, looks sic
Thanks Mike

GSXR1000 L7 2017

A massive thank you to Mike @Veloxracing for setting up my R1 to top level standards!

Flash Tune and active Tune made the Bike so easy to ride is unbelievable no more throttle ploblems at low speed .The power delivery is smoother thru the revs and with the help of a Spark exhaust link pipe and sprint filter the engine is more powerful but i have more control over it too! well impressed!
The Rotobox Carbon wheels are amazing in every way too ! Very Very Light! great looks and going thru tight bends fast as never ben easier! not forgetting that taking off and stopping as improved as well by a mile.
To finish of in style the quick sifter (& Blipper) is another ad-on that made the bike even more perfect, its as smooth as it can be all in sync with the ECU makes a perfect down shifting every time you want ! just Amazing!
So i have a new bike all together… now is a pleasure thru traffic ! is Faster , more powerful! and easier to ride what more can i ask for ? cant wait for Le mans!
Thanks again to Mike @veloxracing for all the help provided the great customer service and for going the extra mile to get my R1 to top Superbike level !
Recommend it to any one that enjoys a Ride and is looking for better performance out if his machine!
 As happy as a kid in a candy store! 😎

R1 2016

After having my MT-09 flashed it has become a different bike. The main issues I had were the savage engine braking and its apparent inability to maintain a steady cruise without surging. The flash has sorted both of these out issues out as well as other improvements. The fly-by-wire is smoother and more predictable. Might need to upgrade the brakes now though.

Excellent service (both speed and helpfulness) from Mike, will gladly send my next bike for similar treatment/improvement



Just want to drop you a line today thanks for sorting out our ECU. Wife is over the moon with it and I’m in the good books!!


I washed it and went a 300km trip yesterday.

We had 27 degrees Celsius, and man, was it perfect riding weather.

I love how the throttle feels more “planted” on sub 3k rpm.

Every time you open the throttle, you can always expect a smooth throttle response instead of the jerky responsiveness that the bike comes with from the Yamaha.

The power is so much more usable from rolling on idle, until ~ 6000rpms (which was the RN19’s Achilles heel).

Of course, above 6000rpm, this wasn’t a tame beast to begin but the torque curve feels more linear, so the power just keeps building instead of a sudden big “push” of power above 6000rpm.

Another little bonus: Even though the bike should be runner richer, I am getting the same (actually, even a little better) mileage!

You have finished the R1 Yamaha wanted it to be.


R1 4C8

Flashed my H2 Ninja with an FTECU kit provided by Mike at Velox Racing and more than pleased with the result. The bike performs like an Exocet on steroids and the fuelling problems that developed after fitting a full after market pipe have completely resolved.
Being a complete technophobe I had some issues with installing the software but Mike was always available to guide me through. Pound sterling per horsepower gained, it represents outstanding value for money.

2016 H2

First overall impression…..A bloody fantastic bike to start with has now been transformed into something totally awesome! The difference is amazing even though, because of the weather, I haven’t been able to really test it! (Watch this space!)…Added bonus is power delivery for road use is so much better, I can hardly believe it!

R1 2CR 2015+

Holy sh!t the thing is bat sh!t crazy. It now has so much usable power all through the rev range in pretty much any gear. It accelerates like a sea wolf missile (i know first hand they are quick), no flat spots anywhere, its actually alive under 6k rpm now where as before it was horrific, i was at the point of selling if the flash didn’t sort it.

So what im trying to say is the flash tune on a 4C8 is something that is absolutely a must to do. Thanks Mike


R1 4C8

Mike you just recently FT my R1 and I would like to say a big thank you. I have only been on her a couple of times since the FT but the difference is amazing.

Had her almost 2 years now and to be honest I loved her since day one and adapted my riding to compensate for the snatchy throttle and other small gripes, I suppose just got used to the R1 being ‘that way’.
One thing I did not pay much attention to was the engine braking effect which the FT tweaked, I can openly say that is now the biggest plus to my riding her. Honestly the effect of having full control of the bike when coming off the gas and tipping into a bend gives the confidence a massive boost, just simpl smooth transition into any corner.

Throttle restriction removed so she is bang on the money acceleration wise hitting the red line I feel insanely quick.

Around town more reigned in with less of the clutch control to negotiate the nightmare mini roundabouts.
Just my opinion all, I’m no expert but this is a worthy investment for your ride, took me ages getting around to getting ECU FT which is far too long…do it now you will not regret it


R1 14B

Thanks for the de-cat and ECU flash Mike. All i can say is WOW my bike is so much smoother when on and off the throttle and the power just keeps coming, I don’t know what settings you changed as i left it up to you, but i do know that you definately know what you’re doing and if anyone is thinking about having it done, DO IT ! , Yamaha should have sent it out of the factory like this.

R1 14B

finally got out for a ride on Monday – wow, what a difference, the restrictions in 1st – 3rd gears which really bugged me have been removed and the bike pulls a lot stronger and is much smoother – in both touring and sport mode. Can’t see touring mode getting much use as sport mode is much more fun!!
An added bonus is that average fuel consumption went up from 45 mpg to 51 mpg on an 80 mile run. Thanks again for the excellent service and communications


“I had a mess in my workshop after the new year and I managed to reassemble the Yamaha just today. I wanted to say that I am very satisfied with the result. There is no hesitation at all, and you can feel the power from low revs trough all the range. I will also change the brake pads and pipes , because now quite dangerous to drive with the bogus stock braking system .lo


After having the bike’s ECU flashed and getting one of their very nice de cat pipes aswell, I can’t believe the difference it’s transformed the bike completely, I can’t recommend this company enough Mike is a top guy and talks you though everything if like me was worries at first! The best mod I’ve done by a long way

R1 14B

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, I have been enjoying the bike too much.
The bike feels completely different now, pulls much stronger through the entire rev range. I have also noticed I seem to be getting a few more miles on a tank of petrol, can’t complain about that. I had been putting this mod off for a while and even though I have pretty much a standard setup apart from a K&N air filter the bike feels much better. I especially like the smooth throttle which makes driving in slow traffic effortless.
Many thanks for the level of professionalism and communication. I will definately recommend Velox to others

R6 13S

Full recommended….. Bike faster response for throttle, stronger bottom, smooth acceleration, while taking sharp corner on 1st gear in A mode there is not “dropping bike” effect when taking throttle off. very annoying n dangerous before. Thank you very much Mike!

R1 14B

Just a quick update on this Mike, since you flashed my ecu its as smooth as a babies arse mate, there seems to be a little less engine breaking which i love…

Thanks again for your help you’ve done the perfect job….


R1 14B

I had an awesome trackday, the flash you did has transformed the bike from awkward and jerky to being super smooth. I was able to be so much faster and have way more confidence that I wasn’t about to be thrown off. The main problem was entrance and exit of corners, I was so busy trying to control the bike I couldn’t transition smoothly which ruined my first trackday Tbh i was on the verge of selling it for a fireblade as they are so easy to ride but I’m so happy with the bike now. It still has its raw edge that the blade lacks but is much more controllable, no more clutch for small roundabouts just balance the throttle even in A mode 🙂

R1 14B

I put a few more miles on the R1 today, weather was great, runs sweet right to the redline, gear changes are better also because of the better fueling. The drive from midrange is very pleasing ( decat on the horizon ), considering this is a completely standard bike bar – 1 tooth front it is now delivering some of its true potential, thanks Mike

R1 4C8

hope all is well just to let you know i took the bike out for a quick ride and what a difference!!!

R1 14B

I have used the Flash Tune interface on my 2011 R1 for around 9 months, and I can honestly say it is the best mod I have done so far to my bike. I used to use a powercommander which worked OK, but I found I was always quite limited as to what I could do with it. I was a little skeptical about messing with my ECU but now after around 30 successful flashes, all without hitch, some done in the dark in my front driveway, some sat in the garage at Brands Hatch I am very confident that it causes no problems. Very easy to use, and great product support, it seems like every time I open the software there is a new version available which it downloads automatically and gives me some more features to play with. This should be sold as standard with the R1 to unlock the true ability! Powercommander got sold as it was surplus to needs, now raising cash for the quickshifter module!

R1 14B

throttle is nice and smooth . and a lot smoother to ride !

R1 14B

I took the bike on a proper run today for the first time and very impressed, it is much more responsive on the throttle at low revs and the mid range seems to have more punch, it corners a lot better on B roads as the suspension is much more settled due to the less jerky throttle response

R1 14B

Today Sunday been out with my race buddies for a blast to local coast which was a good test for comparisons as my business partner was among us who has the same bike as mine ( 2012 GP anniversary R1 full race exhaust system HM quick shifter sprocket change 16 front 49 rear power commander 5 rear sets and much more ) with all the same mods except for the flash tune.

Well my feeling of the bike feeling very strong was not my imagination it seems very much like the ducati 1198sp I had acceleration wise, we carried out roll on,s in different gears to try and get some kind of comparison between the stock and the flashed and there is a significant difference in power to the point that they are all talking about your flash tune which is always good


R1 14B

Had Mike come to my house tonight to flash-tune my R6. Absolutely fantastic service and a genuinely nice guy and bike nut. If anyone has any doubts about getting flashed , don’t !


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