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Suter Racing

is a global Swiss company that develops high-tech solutions for the prototype market. With experience from international racing through the development of engines and chassis systems, SI realizes globally marketed prototypes, propulsion systems & concept vehicles, engines, motorcycles, clutch systems and individual parts in close cooperation with world-famous manufacturers, brands and partners.

Leading the way from the start: The high-performance infrastructure with specialized departments including our own, state-of-the-art test benches ensures professional efficiency and quality assurance from the initial design through to final production.

This makes Suter Industries one of the few companies that can carry out and ensure all relevant processes, from the blank paper to the tested small series, from the first step to the final touch in-house.

Suter Industries & Motorsports
The world-wide unique combination of a top team of specialists, who can rely on the experience of a former GP driver, together with a specialized in-house motorcycle manufacturer, allow SI to challenge big motorcycle manufacturers.

We do not just experiment.
We rely on sound engineering knowledge, Swiss quality and professional craftsmanship; In-depth research and development in the field of GP motorcycles makes the difference.

Tested and proven products
For various renowned motorcycle and engine manufacturers, we have also developed evolutionary stages of your engines and chassis, for road and off-road applications. Including component tests, component development and test bench test included.

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