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Melotti Racing

Melotti Racing

The passion for two wheels has always been with Melotti but they were engaged in the industrial automation sector, Melotti Racing started to make their first components for motorcycle use to support a friend involved in racing and they have grown from there.

Their launch pad was to be the creation of a license plate made from a solid light alloy that will immediately be a winning idea and, once placed on the market, it received an unexpected success.

An innovative design, a structure outside the traditional schemes and new technical solutions it revolutionised the concept that had seen, until then, plate holders made only from sheet metal.

From here they started to create a range of high quality components for the most prestigious brands.

Melotti Racing’s growing product line is supported by the demand of a demanding clientele that constantly confirms its trust in the brand.

This is because it is not just the quantity of products Melotti offer but the quality of everything that bears the name Mlotti Racing.

With the arrival of Diego in the company, Melotti Racing chooses to go back to its origins with the study and realization of technical components to be developed on the track and to re-propose to the motorcyclist, be it road or sport.

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