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PFM Brakes

PFM Brakes are manufactured in the Isle of Man, the world famous home of motorcycle road racing and have over 40 TT wins to their name as well as countless race wins at every competitive level in motorcycle racing.

Engineered to the highest specification using state of the art precision CNC machines from solid top quality materials, PFM brake kits and components enhance road and track bikes for a fraction of the cost of “top name” products like Brembo, Braking,

PFM Brake disks use a patented Direct Drive and quick release system and comprise only 3 parts, rotors are available in 3 styles S HP & P and can come supplied with the correct pads for your desired brake “feel”.

As well as looking extremely trick and having eye watering braking performance the lightweight nature of PFM Brake products ensures reduced ‘unsprung’ weight, greatly reducing the gyroscopic effect on steering. PFM Brakes Unique 3 piece disc allow for quick and cost effective rotor change if/when required. Direct Drive spigots eliminate high point loading and the ‘ovality’ wear and jamming so often associated with disc buttons/ bobbins, instead offer increased drive load area of the rotor on the centre.

If you require the ultimate in performance, with no compromise, PFM offer a full race conversion kit. The kit is manufactured to World Superbike specification and is available for most current Sports and Superbikes, the kit uses PFM own High Performance billet aluminium narrow track six piston calipers that bolt directly to existing radial mounts. Race kits also available with a radial caliper upgrade for selected older models.

PFM also produce their own world superbike specification master cylinders, twin master cylinders and thumb brake systems to complement their superior yet cost effective range of braking products.

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