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i2M Chrome Pro2 Dashboard (GPS, WiFi, Lambda, TPMS)

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i2M Chrome PRO2 (with GPS, Wiring Harness, Lambda, TMPS x 2)

Please choose what valve sizes you have for TMPS sensors

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i2m Chrome PRO2 : without compromise.

The i2m Chrome PRO2 represents the maximum evolution of the Chrome family further extending the functions of the Plus 2 and Pro 2 versions. Designed for the most demanding drivers / Team, extends to 150 the number of channels available at 500Hz, can manage the acquisition of heartbeat through Bluetooth heart rate sensor, has a totally configurable can-bus for the 12 inputs, it can connect to an internet hotspot to communicate with the Chrome apps site managing the lap times via internet in real-time.

With the ability to manage WiFi connections, and create a WiFi hotspot the Chrome PRO 2 can connect to an internet hotspot to communicate with the ChromeLaps website. The ChromeLaps site allows you to keep track of your days on track, divided by sessions and then having your own personal transponder. Thanks to the public area of the site you can also see, on each circuit, the timing of anyone who is sharing their data, challenging them in the attempt to climb the virtual ranking.

The i2m Chrome PRO 2 adds another 12 analog 100Hz channels which are totally programmable as CanBus inputs (bringing to 33 total channels read), a 433 MHz receiver for TPMS sensors and the possibility to connect to a heart rate monitor.
Thanks to the new integrated Bluetooth BLE receiver, it is possible to connect the Chrome PRO 2 to a Polar H7 or H10 heart rate belt. A heart-shaped icon on the screen will indicate that the connection has been made by making your heartbeat on the screen in proportion to your heart rate. The data are then acquired in order to be subsequently reviewed so as to plan correct physical training and targeted on the basis of personal physical effort.
The i2m Chrome PRO 2 integrates a 433MHz receiver that allows it to receive the signals from our TPMS sensors. It is therefore possible to always monitor the pressure of both tires and the temperature of the rim so as to check for example the correct heating with the electric blankets. Configurable alarms allow the RGB LEDs to be set to signal any anomalous pressure and temperature values. The values are then acquired so that they can be processed later.
The Chrome PRO2 comes complete with two tyre pressure and temperature monitoring system (TPMS) sensors with corresponding 90-degree valves that can be requested in 8.5 mm or 11.5 mm diameter.


i2M Chome Pro

i2M Chome Pro Carbon Case

The Chrome Pro 2 is the thinnest Chrome ever produced. With a body thickness of only 15mm, it becomes easy to install on all super sports bikes while the IP67 connector makes the use of the previous protection shells for cables unnecessary. The front dimensions are the same as the previous Chrome, confirming a design that made this dashboard easily distinguishable on all race fields.

Chrome comparison

The Chrome Lite, Plus 2, and Pro 2 share the same CNC aluminium case, high-brightness display, and the basic features that immediately characterize the dashboard Chrome. Below are the main differences between the three models.

*Chrome has 8 external analog inputs, inputs 9 to 12 come from the can-bus
**The Bosh LSU 4.9 lambda sensor is supplied in the kit with the PLUS2 and PRO2
***The Chrome PRO2 comes with two TPMS sensors and related valves
**** The full carbon case is optional. The WiFi antenna for the Chrome PLUS2 and the Bluetooth antenna for the PRO2 are sold separately.

  • Features
  • High visibility even in direct sunlight
  • 800×480 Graphic Colour Display
  • 1GHz Processor, 1GB RAM, and 16 GB internal memory
  • CNC Aluminum case (Optional: full carbon)
  • Fully customizable TRACK/STREED mode
  • 10Hz Trajectory and GPS speed acquisition, 66 parallel channels
  • Chronograph whit 20 pre-loaded tracks, 500 laps per track
  • Track Auto identification, 3 splits
  • Best Lap, Ideal Lap, Best historical and daily values
  • 20 high brightness fully customizable alarms
  • 12 10-bits analog inputs, 2-speed inputs, 1 RPM, Can Bus
  • Water, fuel, and oil inputs with dedicated alarms
  • Data download via USB key or via WiFi
  • 16GB internal memory
  • Integrated Lambda sensor controller
  • Auto-generated stoichiometric ratios table
  • Video input
  • Driver for external GoPro via WiFi
  • DDS (Danas Dynamic Settings)
  • 433MHz receiver for TPMS sensors
  • Connection to ChromeLaps website via external hotspot
  • Configurable Can-Bus inputs
  • Heart rate sensor management

The Chrome Pro 2 comes in a package containing:

  • Chrome Pro 2
  • Antenna with 90-degree SMA joint for TPMS receiver
  • GPS receiver
  • Main wiring
  • 2 x TPMS receivers with adapters (optionally for 8.5mm or 11.5mm valves)
  • Lambda sensor BOSH LSU 4.9
  • Cleaning cloth

To install it you only need to choose the plug & play adapter for your motorcycle. and a bracket.

Video acquired with Logitech C270 (with I2M aluminium case) on Chrome Plus:

Other kits available soon, send us an email for further info.



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