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FTecu Yamaha R7 2021-2022 RaceTeam ECU License


This system is for use with Genuine Yamaha YEC ECUs only 2CR-8591A-70
This system is designed to compete with systems found on superbikes.

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This system is for use with Genuine Yamaha R7 2021-2022 OEM ECU’s BEB-8591A-XX where XX is the country-specific code 30=USA, 50=EU, 20=JAP, 40=USA-CAL

You need a flash tune bike side or bench kit and ECU licence (included with the kit) to use this activation code.

• Pro and Privateer Race Team License
• Active Tune License (OPTIONAL, NOT INCLUDED)

Key Software Features

• Engine brake control
– Utilizes idle control valve to adjust engine braking by gear and RPM
• Pit speed limiter
– Utilizes CA model purge valve plug as input
– Utilizes rear wheel speed to automatically compensate for gearing
• Data Analysis
– Full complement of necessary channels for trackside tuning
– Officially supported data loggers include AiM MXS, EVO5, and MXL2

This System also Includes all of the following Standard ECU Flashing Features

  • – High Resolution Fuel Mapping (TPS vs RPM) by cylinder
  • – High Resolution Fuel Mapping (MAP vs RPM) by cylinder
  • – Fuel acceleration enrichment adjustments
  • – Injector proportioning adjustments
  • – Ignition timing adjustment per gear and cylinder
  • – Ignition idle trim adjustment
  • – Variable intake stack control
  • – Throttle-By-Wire base map adjustment per gear
  • – Throttle-By-Wire decel compensation per gear

Product Licensing Requirements

  • This product requires an existing ECU flashing license
  • FT ECU Race Team Package allows unlimited flashes for a single ECU. However additional licenses and activation codes will be required for additional ECU’s

With FlashTune from FTecu there is no need for third party  fueling devices like Bazzaz or PowerCommander


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