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i2M Chrome Plus 2 Dashboard (GPS, WiFi, Lambda)

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(with GPS, Wiring Harness, Lambda)

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The Chrome Plus dashboard is the new evolution in the Chrome family. In this new version all the features have been enhanced, starting from its famous shape and its true color display 800×400, all the inside electronic has been completely reengineered with a new 1GHz processor and a 1GB RAM and so much as 16GB internal memory.
Now you can have together with the classic monochrome backgrounds, new backgrounds such as carbon look and analog tachometer.
It has also gained new lateral RGB alarms and all the integrated electronics for the lambda sensor lambda Bosch LSU 4.9. Pairing it with the lambda sensor reading inside Danas with stoichiometric functions it is possibleto create
your own fuel map on track. Chrome Plus has anew videoinput where you can plug a Logitech cam C270 [1280×720 25fps resolution] , while the audio recording is provided by an internal mic , thus protected from the wind , so to have an optimal bike engine sound rendering.
If 720p resolution is not enough, the new Chrome Plus can drive an external GoPro cam via WiFi, it can turn it on and off and start recording in sync with data acquisition. Thus you can create a video synchronized with acquired data and you’ll be able to analyze your performances with all the new functionalities available in Danas in a really user friendly way.

The Chrome Plus can automatically connect with an external WiFi net as soon as you are back to pit, so you can download data directly with your PC seeding up Team operations.
The Chrome Plus also gained (on bikes with a Can Bus) two new analog channels 100Hz increasing to 10 the available 100Hz channels together with RPM, front and rear speed, GPS speed and acceleration, leaning angle and 10 10Hz channels customized depending on bike model. Now also the GPS altitude channel is available.

Thanks to the power of the Chrome Plus is now possible to implement the DDS (Danas Dynamic Settings) that enable to change some parameter like map ot Traction control level for each turn of teh circuit! (now available on ZX10R>2016 and in the future on BMW S1000RR>2015 and R1>2015).


It’s available a CNC aluminium case to substitue the original plasti case of the Logitech C270. This case permeits to make the webcam water resistent, to have a gopro compatible supports connection and to connect it to the rear video connector of the Chrome Plus.

For the Chrome Lite and Chrome Plus it is available a protective carbon cover that allow you to protect the dash from scratch and gravel (in case of crashes). The internal rubber allow you to fix it in an easy way.

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All the features available on the classic Chrome are available also on the Chrome PLUS2

– 800×480 Graphic Color Display
– High visibility even in direct sunlight
– 1GHz Processor, 1GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory
– CNC Aluminum case
– 10Hz Trajectory and GPS speed acquisition, 66 parallel channels
– Chronograph whit 20 pre-loaded tracks, 500 laps per track
Track Auto identification, 3 splits
Best Lap, Ideal Lap, Best historical and daily values
– 20 high brightness fully customizable alarms, 4 RGB leds
10 10-bits analog inputs
2 distinct sped inputs
1 RPM input
– Water, fuel, oil inputs with dedicate alarms
Gear in use
Data download via USB key or via WiFi
– 1GB internal memory
– Integrated Lambda sensor controller
– Auto generated stoichiometric ratios table (optional probe)
– Video input
– Driver for external GoPRo via WiFi
– DDS (Danas Dynamic Settings)
– Compact sizes [172mm x 106mm x 22mm]
– Water resistant

The Chrome PLUS2 comes in a package containing:

  • Chrome PLUS2
  • GPS receiver
  • Main wiring
  • Lambda sensor BOSH LSU 4.9
  • Cleaning cloth

To install it you only need to choose the plug & play adapter for your motorcycle. and a bracket.

Video acquired with Logitech C270 (with I2M aluminium case) on Chrome Plus:

Plug & play kit for super sport bikes:

Kawasaki ZX6R 2007-2012
Kawasaki ZX10R 2008-2013
Kawasaki ZX10R ECU Racing
Kawasaki ZX10R 2016
YAMAHA R1 2004-2008
YAMAHA R6 2004-2012
YAMAHA R1 2015-2024

SUZUKI GSXR 1000 2007-2008
SUZUKI GSXR 1000 2009-2010
HONDA CBR 600RR 2007-2012
HONDA CBR 1000RR 2008-2012
BMW S1000RR 2010-2012
BMW S1000RR HL (not HP4 but with HP4 ECU)
DUCATI 1198/1198S
MV F3 675
DUCATI 899/1199
RF 2015

Other kits available , send us an email for further info if your bike is not listed in the drop down options.


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