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Motorcycle Wheels

Our selection of motorcycle wheels is selected from the very best manufacturers on the market, Rotobox, BST, OZ, Dymag, Thyssenkrup.

We believe we have the widest range of Motorcycle Wheels available from the industries leading manufacturers, whether that is Aluminium wheels from OZ and Dymag, or carbon wheels from Rotobox and BST or thyssenKrup/Action Composites. we can also source wheels from Galespeed, Marchesini and others if you contact us.

OZ Wheels are available in several styles and materials, Piega, Piega R, GAS-RSa are forged from aluminium billet and CNC machined, whereas Cattiva Wheels are produced with Magnesium Alloy billets to create the lightest alloy wheels from OZ.

Dymag creates aluminium forged wheels with their UP7X and retro CH5A wheels.

Rotobox has 3 styles of extremely light and strong Carbon wheels, RBX2, Boost, Bullet are all available with the widest range of customisation options of any of the wheels we offer.

BST wheels are available in RapidTek, DiamondTek, GPOtek, and MambaTek and can be glossy carbon or infused with coloured ink to add some colour to the carbon.

Thyssenkrup wheels are relatively new to the market, however, they are not currently available after the business was sold to Action Composites which is not yet in a position to produce and deliver wheels to customers. Once we have a notification that this situation has changed we will let customers know, so if you are interested in ThyssenKrup / Action Composites wheels then please let us know now so we can add you to the list of people to notify.

If there is another brand of wheels you are interested in please let us know.

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