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£715.99 Excluding tax

SpeedCell Fuel Extraction Unit



The quickest and most effective way to manage and remove fuel emptying an entire tank in less than 6 minutes! Our SFEU provides riders and teams alike with the ability to save time and safely remove any fuel type from their machine. With the dedicated fuel straw you can get out the last drop from the tank and the extended fuel hose allows for the unit to sit on the fuel tank while in function and extract the fuel into a desired container. No more spillage of fuel onto hands and clothes, and reduces inhalation of fuel fumes.


  • Robust Nylon Carbon Body
  • Hand Portable Lightweight Design Total weight: 3.4lbs
  • Pumps 53 Gallons/Hour
  • 4ft 250psi fuel hose and fuel straw included for immediate use
  • Digital SOC Readout
  • Integrated MILSPEC dead short protection
  • Kill Switch Design
  • 40 Gallons per charge at 100% duty cycle
  • DT connector for AUX power route (10A)


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