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i2M Datalog Pro 5The i2m DataLog Pro is developed on the same electronics as the Chrome Pro 2 with which it also shares most of the software. Datalog Pro is designed for those who want the best from their electronics, but are not able to replace the dashboard of their motorcycle. The DataLog Pro has a can-bus with the acquisition of over 150 fully configurable channels, an integrated lambda controller, 7 analog inputs, and an integrated TPMS receiver. Developed from the experience gained from the collaboration with Pata Yamaha, and Team Pedercini in the in WSBK Championship.

As Datalog Pro uses the same hardware as the Chrome Pro 2, it is able to read and acquire over 128 Can Bus channels alongside the 30 standard ones, including speed, rpm, tyre pressures and temperatures, GPS, and gears … Its hardware allows to make the acquisition of the channels completely configurable with a maximum frequency of 500Hz for each channel, thus reaching a total sampling frequency of over 65k samples per second! The DataLog Pro can be configured via a USB stick but also via a special configuration cable in the same way the Pro2 dash can be configured.


i2M Datalog Pro 4The DataLog Pro integrates a 433MHz receiver inside it which allows it to receive the signals of our TPMS sensors by storing up to 4 sensors for each wheel. It isi2M Datalog Pro 6 therefore possible to always monitor the pressure of both tyres and the temperature of the rim so as to check correct heating with tyre warmers and study the temperature behavior during use in order to maximize the reception of the TPMS signal, it is possible to remotely locate the antenna using the included shielded cable and support.





i2M Datalog ProThe DataLog Pro incorporates a controller for the Lambda BOSCH LSU 4.9 probe which can simply be connected to its main wiring. To the front connector on the Datalog Pro, it is possible to connect an optional sensor wiring harness to connect external analog sensors such as suspension potentiometers, brake pressure sensors, infrared temperature sensors

The DataLog Pro is the smallest logger i2M has ever produced. The front connector is not used if the logger is used only for the Can-Bus channels and for the TPMS system making the unit even more compact.





The i2m DataLog Pro is supplied with:i2M Datalog Pro 2

  • i2m DataLog Pro
  • Antenna with 90-degree SMA joint for TPMS receiver
  • GPS receiver
  • Main wiring
  • Extension with support for TPMS antenna



Datalog Pro is NOT supplied with TPMS sensors, suspension potentiometers, infrared sensors, brake pressure sensors, sensor wiring loom, Bosch LSU Lambda sensor which are all available to purchase separately.

i2M Datalog Pro 3

i2M Datalog Pro 3


  • 1GHz processor with 1GB of memory
  • CNC Aluminum case
  • Waterproof
  • Trajectory detection and GPS speed at 10Hz with 66 channels in parallel
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Configurable via USB stick, or with USB cable (optional)
  • 1GB of internal memory
  • Ability to save data also directly on external key
  • 7 10-bit analog inputs
  • 2 independent speed inputs
  • 1 RPM input
  • Downloading data with a USB2 connection
  • 128  Can Bus channels at 500Hz acquisition frequency each
  • Overall sampling rate greater than 65kSample / s
  • Auxiliary can bus for expansion modules
  • Integrated lambda probe controller for BOSCH LSU sensor 4.9
  • TPMS receiver with 4 pre-programmable channels per wheel

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