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FTecu Yamaha R1 2015-2019 ABS Delete

£246.75 Excluding tax

With this plug-in socket, you can remove all your ABS system with no error codes displayed.

Save weight, improve braking feel with no error codes

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With this R1 ABS delete plug-in connector you can remove ABS pump on your 2015+ Yamaha R1 or R1M

The 2015 2016 2017 Yamaha R1 and R1M come with an on board ABS pump for the ABS braking and linked braking system on the R1, we can remove it with the R1 ABS delete from FTecu.

For track use the ABS is usually removed, for weight saving and also to increase feel to the brakes and remove the intrusion that ABS gives to track riders.

The problem however with the Yamaha R1 2015+ is the entire pump as not been able to be removed without a code being displayed on the dashboard, meaning that some tuners and race bike builders have taken apart the pump to leave just part of it to fool the bike that the pump is still there, and not throw a code.

Whilst the above method works, the pump is a very expensive part at around £1800 / $2500, so FTecu have released a plug in socket that allows you to remove the entire ABS system, including the pump, without any rider aids or error codes that will lock out the display.

Also by using our ABS delete it saves you from ruining the ABS pump which can later be resold or kept in case the bike is put back on the road.

These Yamaha R1 ABS delete plugs allow the complete removal of the OEM ABS control module while maintaining all rider aids. A weight reduction of roughly 3.15 pounds from your bike.

This also allows enough space for mounting larger Endurance or SBK fuel tanks fit with Stock or YEC kit wire looms.


This works independently, so you do not need an FTecu kit to use it.

This version works with the following bikes

  • Yamaha YZF R1 2015-2019
  • Yamaha YZF R1M from 2015-2019


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