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Breese Racing Controls Yamaha R1 / R1M Side Stand Switch Eliminator Bypass kit

£9.25 Excluding tax

Yamaha R1 & R1M
Side Stand Switch Bypass Eliminator Plug
Plug and Play


Most bikes have a side stand switch designed to cut the ignition when the stand is down. It also wont let you start the engine if you have removed the stand for trackday use.

With the installation of this product:

  • Remove the side stand switch easily without any cutting or splicing
  • Remove the entire side stand for trackday or off-road use and reinstall it again quickly when you need to go back to road.
  • Eliminate a faulty side stand switch

This is a very high quality kit! We use only OEM connectors to ensure perfect fitment. This product is tested and developed for the listed motorcycle.

CAUTION with this fitted it is possible to ride your motorcycle away with the side stand still in the down position if the stand is still fitted.

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