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Stringer Stacks

Stringer Stacks create 3D printed velocity stacks for modern sportsbikes that give improved performance throughout the full RPM range, much akin to race kit stacks.

Ray Stringer of Stringer Race Station is a renowned engine tuner, race bike builder, race team crew chief as well as a former British Superbike racer.

Ray has moved to 3D printing products to improve motorcycle perrformance and uses high end 3D printers and materials to ensure a premium product at a competitive price.

For bikes that come from the factory with variable stacks (R1 / R6 etc) Ray has designed and printed veloxity stacks in durable materials resistant to fuel and other contaminants, he has also designed his own servo operated RPM based variable stacks for bikes not equipped from the manufacturer with electronically controlled variable stacks (GSXR / ZX10R / CBR / Moto2 etc ) these servo controlled stacks give a huge increase in performance over OEM static stacks and have been rigorously tested in lab simulations, on the dyno and on the race track.

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