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So today thought it was time I fitted my ECU remap controlled Quick Shifter kit. You can buy them in our webshop here

In the Quick Shifter kit there are a few bits,

1. Short cable with a white connector and at the other end a green cable and a brown cable the later with a round spade type connector.
2. The Quick Shifter sensor with long grey cable
3. Two shift rods that connect to either end on the sensor (don’t assemble that yet though.)

All in it took me less than an hour and only required M10, M8 Spanners, Allen keys for fairing, pointy nose pliers to get the white pin cover out, flat head screwdriver to open the connector, 8 cable ties and some snippers to cut the excess cable ties.

So, first off removed left hand side front panel (5 Allen bolts on outside, 2 quick release clips and 1 quick fit screw on the inner fairing) and the seat (2 allen bolts)

Next removed the left hand side dash trim (2 bolts) and the tray thing under it (2 bolts 1 quick fit screw clip), Mid Panel (that runs top to bottom, just take the (2) allen bolts out the top and pull it out the way) and the coolant bottle cover (2 Bolts) there is NO NEED to lift tank, or remove air tubes.

Then I removed the ECU (4 clips – be careful) and took the (3) bolts out that hold the ECU holder in place.

Next I took the top (smaller) ECU plug and pressed in the white tab on the connector. (one side is a single longer white tab and the other is two smaller white tabs. Use a small screw driver to push the single longer on in,

you should then be able to remove the white waterproof cover on the Pin 27 (for R1 09-12) the second from the left at the bottom row in this picture.

Push the green cable into the now vacant hole for pin 27 until it will go no further and then clip the white clip back in place from the two white tabs side. The Green cable should not come back out. If it does then the plug is not clipped back together firmly enough.


Next take the bolt out of the radiator bracket nearest the ECU and then refit with the brown earth cable in place.

Next I removed my existing shift rod, noticing the position of the gear lever (so I could make it the same position later) and fitted the new unit and routed the cables following the harness as best I could and loosely cable tied in place for now so I could adjust the cable.

Take the white end of the sensor cable all the way to the ECU, again try to keep it on the main harness and cable tie loosely as you go.

Once you have the connector up by the ECU, connect it to the other white connector that you have run to pin 27 and the radiator as your earth/ground.

Make it look as tidy as you can (I had stacks of cable left over so looped it and cable tied it) Then tighten and snip all your cable ties that you have run.

At this point the ECU will need a remap or to be flashed using Flash-Tune or our mail in remap service, to enable to QuickShifter settings and to set the optimal map for the bike. I obviously do this, so I remapped or flashed the ECU and refitted it.

Refitted my panels.

Next was the test ride, well in all honestly it took me a few minutes to get my head around not having to clutch or snap the throttle when changing up, just keep it pinned. The gear lever was slightly out from where it should be and required a bit extra movement so I had a couple of horrible sounding gear changes.

Went back adjusted the lever so it was closer to where it was before, and therefore my toe, and went back out again.

Wow… it is like riding an automatic ! so slick and smooth up shifting, and as the flash/QS combo shuts off the ignition you get nice seemless full thottle upshifts, I love it !

I have the regular shift pattern sensor fitted to mine, I do see why some people prefer reverse shift as it sort of makes sense to bang down through the box with a quick shifter, I have both available in my shop depending on peoples preferences.

I have set mine to ignore the sensor below 4000rpm but I may play with this to see if it makes sense having it higher up the rev range for road use as until next summer that is all my bike is going to see.

You can also use your own QS sensors with a cheap harness I can supply and the ECU flash service or Flash-Tune Interface cables will accommodate and manage the shift settings for that.

So don’t delay go to our shop and order now ! or call us on +44 8454 63 63 95 to discuss your requirements.


If you are using the Flash-Tune on bike harness with your bike then please note that you will require an optional kit with your Quickshifter however if you have the on bike harness on the bike already it makes the installation process even easier.

The optional kits have a special connector to allow fitment of the QuickShifter cable into the on bike harness’s weather proof connector. You can see from the image below that rather than the direct into ECU connector single pin and a washer type end on the adapter this type has two pins.

These two pins go into spaces A & E through the blue weather proof membrane on the Flash-Tune connector, it shouldn’t matter which goes in which position.

Any problems or to order the Optional kit please email Sa***@Ve*********.com

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