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IXON IX-Airbag U03 Airbag Vest

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Ixon IX-Airbag U03 Airbag Vest

ATTENTION – unrestricted use is associated with additional costs: The IX-Airbag U03 vest only operates with the In&Box activated. It is the brain of the system, after purchase activated for 48 hours and must then be registered and activated by the company In&Motion separately, which incurs additional costs. This can be done either through a leasing (Revolution offer) or the acquisition of the In&Box (Regular offer). Further information can be found in the text below.

The only smart, electronic airbag that can be worn under almost any jacket has been tested even by the best professional pilots. It was developed in collaboration with the Ixon pilots in MotoGP, EWC and FSBK. The Ixon GPWorld program has been focused along with In&Motion on this airbag combination – the structure Ixon Innovative Racing Lab and the involvement of professional racers has made this possible. So in 2016, 4 riders were equiped with the airbag, 2017, it were already 20 and 2018 even 21 riders. But also the 500 beta testers across europe with a total of more than 1.5 million traveled kilometers contributed to their experience to a significant extent. The IX-Airbag U03 vest belongs to the three airbags approved by FIM.

Only a few of the numerous arguments of the IX-Airbag U03 are the universal application possibilities, no annoying cables or sensors, the extremely fast detection and inflation, but also the award according to Classe SRA 5. In short: start it, wear it, forget it!


  • universal:
    • compatible with any jacket (suitable for motorcycling and meeting the size requirements)
    • works autonomously/independently
    • wireless
    • no sensors are needed on the motorcycle
  • powerful:
    • extremely fast inflation (22 ms)
    • electronic detection system (33 ms)
    • protects the thorax, abdomen, spine, neck and collarbones
    • integrated, tested back protector (complies with safety standards of EN 1621-2, level 1)
    • 5-star rating of the SRA
    • up to 20 hours of use
    • 12 liters inflation volume
    • 2 hours recharge time
    • intelligent, viable technology
  • automatically:
    • no cables and no sensor
    • electronic detection system
    • embedded algorithms
  • comfortable:
    • real lightweight – only 1.3 kg
    • ergonomic design
    • 3D mesh with breathable inside
    • available in 5 sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL


5 out of 5 stars in the SRA rating:

  • The SRA is an independent organization that includes all French insurance companies. The vest was testet by CRITT, mandated by SRA. The points tested were: protection areas, detection time, inflation time and protection performance.

Care instructions:

  • do not wash by machine or hands
  • dry cleaning possible or with a brush and wet cloth


  • polyamide
  • elastane
  • polyester


  • XS: 37 – 42 cm (length waist – shoulder), 4 cm less belly circumference than size s
  • S: 37 – 42 cm (length waist – shoulder)
  • M: 40 – 45 cm (length waist – shoulder)
  • L: 42 – 47 cm (length waist – shoulder)
  • XL: 42 – 47 cm (length waist – shoulder)
  • XXL: 42 – 47 cm (length waist – shoulder)

Manufacturer’s note:

The IX-Airbag U03 vest only operates with the In&Box activated. It is the brain of the system, after purchase activated for 48 hours and must then be registered and activated by the company In&Motion separately. This can be done either through a leasing (Revolution offer) or the acquisition of the In&Box (Regular offer). This unique, viable airbag technology features an unlock slide button, is installed and connected in one click, can charge and update the system, provides ultra fast electronic detection of the airbag in the event of an accident and is characterized by the following three criteria:

  1. Detect: Thanks to embedded algorithms the smart In&Box system analyses the biker’s moves 1000 times a second to detect a fall.
  2. Protect: In less than 55 ms, the airbag cushion is inflated to protect the most sensitive body areas.
  3. Perfect: The In&motion software collects all data to constantly improve and offer an even better and customized protection.
  • Revolution:
    • Type: Leasing the In & Box
    • Price: 12 Euro/per month or 120 Euro/per year
    • Updates/optimizations: yes
    • Dashboard (mobile app): yes
    • Freedom: cancel anytime (You’re not driving a motorcycle anymore, just cancel your lease contract and return In & Box to In & Motion in 14 days.)
    • VIP Service: yes (Special service if you have a problem with your In & Box.) Within 72 hours, a new In & Box will be delivered.)
    • In&Box upgrade: yes
    • buy option after 3 years: 99 Euro
  • Regular:
    • Type: Buy the In&Box
    • Price: 399 Euro
    • Updates/optimizations: yes
    • Dashboard (mobile app): yes
    • Freedom: –
    • VIP service: no
    • In&Box upgrade: no
    • buy option after 3 years: –
  • Track Offer (can be combined with the Revolution and Regular offer):
    • Type: monthly or yearly bookable
    • Price: 8 Euro/per month or 25 Euro/per year
    • Info: You have the opportunity to choose one of the track offers, to stay protected on the track and to benefit from the associated guarantees.
  • What does the In&Motion club include:
    • Updates/optimizations: Optimizing your experience thanks to the data generated by the In&Motion lub’s members.
    • Dashboard: App available on iOS and Android. Get info on the battery level, the airbag system status and the last optimizations available.
  • The advantages of the revolution offer:
    • Freedom: You do not ride anymore? Stop the leasing and send back your In&Box to In&Motion within 14 days.
    • VIP Service: Dedicated Hotline. You have an issue with you In&Box? Get a new one as soon as possible.
    • In&Box Upgrade: After 3 consecutive years of leasing, get the new generation of In&Box when available.
Compatibility with motorcycle jackets, leather suits, hoodies and shirts:

To make sure that you can wear the Ixon IX Airbag U03 vest under your protective clothing, you must measure both yourself and the affected clothing as follows.

  1. Measure your chest circumference and your waist circumference. Add the two values afterwards. Then you divide the sum by 2 and remember this value as “A”.
  2. Measure the width of the affected top at armpit height and at the level of the belly button. Make sure that you tighten the garment while measuring it without damaging it to get the maximum. Now add the two values and note the sum as value B.
  3. Finally, just calculate “Value B” – “Value A”. The result should be 13 cm or more to make sure your top does not get damaged when the airbag is deployed.


  • Due to the security regulations of the airlines, this article can only be shipped without CO2 cartridge to countries outside Europe!
  • There is a mistake inside the CE booklet. The WAIST / SHOULDER Measurement for XS size is 37-42cm (same as S size).
    This measure belongs to the protection zone provided by the back protector, which is the same size for S and XS AIRBAG Vest. That’s why W/S measurement must be the same.
    Anyway, be sure that the XS AIRBAG vest size is smaller compared to the S size.
    The choice of the AIRBAG vest must be done in order to have a fitted product. The associated back protector is conform to the protection area requirement for each AIRBGAG vest.


  • 1 x Ixon IX-Airbag U03 vest
  • 1 x In&Box control unit (is active for 48 hours after initial activation and must then be registered and activated separately by In&Motion, which incurs additional costs)


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