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GBRacing RSV4 Protection Bundle 2010 – 2019 CP-RSV4-2010-CS-GBR


RSV4 Protection Bundle 2010 – 2019 CP-RSV4-2010-CS-GBR

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Box Set consists of:-

Alternator / Generator Cover. Gearbox / Clutch Cover. Paddock Stands /

2019 Model:  If dust covers fitted, these must be removed prior to fitting GBRacing covers.

Tuono 2017 Model: Please be aware that the 2017 model requires the OEM protective covers to be removed before fitting GBRacing covers.

  • Revolutionary new tough, high-impact composite material made from 60% Long Glass Fibered Nylon
  • Easy Installation – Bolt on products, allowing fast and easy removal and/or replacement of ALL PRODUCTS
  • Safe and Secure – Every single product is meticulously tested before it is manufactured, ensuring a high standard to every product



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