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FTecu FlashTune Replacement USB Datalink Cable

£290.00 Excluding tax

These replacement USB Datalink cables are to replace a faulty USB cable or if you require a spare.

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This is a replacement USB Datalink cable, the most important part of any FTecu flashtune kit.

The cable is permanently assigned to an FTecu user account the first time of use, it cannot be de-registered or transferred to another user account, it’s a one-time registration process that cannot be undone.

All FTecu Bike side and Bench flashing kits come with a USB datalink cable, so you do not need to purchase one of these separately unless yours has become faulty out of warranty, or if you require a spare (you can have multiple cables assigned to your FTecu user account/email address.

There are 3 types of USB Datalink cable, please make sure you are purchasing the correct type as once registered or used the USB Datalink cables CANNOT be returned for a refund.

  • 6 PIN USB Datalink – for use with 6 pin bike or bench harnesses
  • 4 PIN USB Datalink – for use with 4 pin bike or bench harnesses
  • 2 PIN USB Datalink – for use with 2 pin bike or bench harnesses

Please see our FTecu product Matrix to know which USB Datalink/Bike side/Bench Flash cable combination you need for which bike models.

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