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Breese Racing Controls Yamaha R6 ’17 Flash Tune ECU LHS 5 Button Race Handlebar Switch Assembly, Plug and Play

£241.40 Excluding tax

For Yamaha R6 '17 BN6 FTecu Flash Tune ECU

3 Button Race Handlebar Switch Assembly 
Plug and Play
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The wiring is plug and play. You can remove your street LH switchgroup and replace it with this unit. No wire cutting or splicing is required.

Button 1 – Green TC+ (Like OEM controls)

Button 2 – Blue PIT limiter (OEM Indicator switch  and requires Flash Tune ECU)  (Latching button)

Button 3 – Grey Turns Rain LIGHT on (OEM High beam switch FTECU harness required)  (Latching button)

Button 4 – Yellow LC Launch control (OEM Hornbeam switch) (bridging of horn connectors required to enable LC function, FTECU ECU and race harness required) (Momentary button)

Button 2 – Red TC- (Like OEM controls)

In first gear or neutral, hold down LC switch, TC light will blink three times then go solid. You are now in launch mode. Launch control deactivates once shifted to second or when set speed is reached.

Package includes a clutch switch loom.

This is a race only part, not for street!

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