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6P_BNKT_14 – FTecu FlashTune kit for Yamaha XT1200 EU 23P-8591A-XX

£415.80£425.00 Excluding tax

Flash-Tune 6P_BNKT_14 FTdataLink ECU Remap & flashing interface cables eliminate the need for plug in third party fueling devices and gives you YEC race kit like performance and features.

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Note: This kit only fits the 2012-2013 Yamaha XT1200 Super Tenere that uses ECU part number 23P-8591A-00, 23P-8591A-40, 23P-8591A-50, or 23P-8591A-80. It does not work with any of the other Yamaha Super Tenere models. Please check the 2012-13 Yamaha Super Tenere page for the bench flash kit that fits your specific ECU.

DataLink Bench ECU Flashing Kit Includes:

-FTdataLink ECU Interface USB Cable
-Bench Flashing Harness to flash your ECU outside of the bike
-Power Supply for Bench flashing (Compatible with US and Canadian power outlets)
-FT ECU License to allow unlimited flashes for a single ecu

Find your ECU Part Number below

hint: click items to explore currently defined parameters

  •  12-13 XT1200 – 23P-8591A-80(CAN) StockECU
  •  12-13 XT1200 – 23P-8591A-00(EU) StockECU
    •  ECU Mapping
      •  Fuel
        •  TPS vs RPM
        •  MAP vs RPM
        •  Accel Enrichment
        •  Inj. Timing
      •  Ignition
        •  IGN Advance
        •  Volt-Dwell
      •  Idle Speed
        •  Warmup/Base Idle
      •  Throttle-by-wire
        •  ETV BaseMaps
        •  ETV Decel Comp
    •  ECU Settings
      •  Rev Limiters
      •  Fan Temps
      •  Disable INJ decel cut
    •  ECU Modules
      •  Quickshifter
      •  PC Fuel Import
  •  12-13 XT1200 – 23P-8591A-30(US) StockECU
  •  12-13 XT1200 – 23P-8591A-50(EU) StockECU
  •  12-13 XT1200 – 23P-8591A-40(CAN) StockECU
  •  12-13 XT1200 – 23P-8591A-70(US) StockECU

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