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6P_BNKT_07 – FTecu FlashTune kit for Yamaha FZ8 11-15

£415.80£425.00 Excluding tax

Flash-Tune 6P_BNKT_07 FTdataLink ECU Remap & flashing interface cables eliminate the need for plug in third party fueling devices and gives you YEC race kit like performance and features.

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Your Yamaha FZ1`06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 already has a standalone ECU and now you can get a cable and software to re-program it!

There is no longer any need to send us your ECU to remap, you can buy our DIY kit to fit to your own bike and remap and modify your own ECU!

You can also directly import Power Commander III .djm or Power Commander V 5 .pvm fuel maps!

You can de-restrict and Unleash Your bike’s ECU in 7 Easy Steps!

  •   Select your base map (3 base maps are currently included)
  •   Select your Ycc-T throttle map settings
  •   Select your desired fuel map bias
  •   Select your desired Engine Braking
  •   Import a fuel map file
  •   Choose your options (bypass EURO immobilizer, lower fan temps, speedohealer, rev limiter)
  •   Flash the ECU!

This Interface will remap & flash any ECU from the following bike models!

  • 07-15 Yamaha FZ8 (2011 2012 2013 2014 2015)

Data-Link Bench ECU Flashing Kit Includes:

-FTdataLink ECU Interface USB Cable
-Bench Flashing Harness to flash your ECU outside of the bike
-Power Supply for Bench flashing (Compatible with International power outlets)
-FT ECU License to allow unlimited flashes for a single ecu

Find your ECU Part Number below

hint: click items to explore currently defined parameters

  •  11-13 FZ8 ABS – 59P-8591A-00(EU) StockECU
  •  11-13 FZ8 – 39P-8591A-00(EU) StockECU
    •  ECU Mapping
      •  TPS/STP Gear vs Map#
      •  Fuel
      •  Ignition
      •  Secondary Throttle
    •  ECU Settings
      •  Rev Limiters
      •  Fan Temps
      •  Disable AIS Valve
      •  Disable INJ Decel Cut
    •  ECU Modules
      •  Speedometer
      •  Quickshifter
      •  PC Fuel Import
  •  11-13 FZ8 – 39P-8591A-30(US) StockECU
  •  11-13 FZ8 – 39P-8591A-50(US) StockECU

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