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ARP Racing Parts Rear set Honda CBR600RR(07-17) – RSH05

£299.95 Excluding tax

ARP Racing Parts Rear set Honda CBR600RR(07-17) – RSH05

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  • GP/Reverse shift pattern only
  • 72mm or 80mm long footpeg
  • Silver or black color footpeg
  • folding or fixed  toe peg
  • 1 fixed footpeg position

We design rear sets with four key areas in mind: functionality, durability, design and simplicity of which the functionality is the most prominent. Our rear sets provide excellent feedback for the rider allowing him to push his bike to the absolute limit. We manufacture our rear sets from EN AW – 7075 T6 aluminium billet, which provides exceptional durability and rigidity compared to the OEM rear set. The main parts’ surface is anodized to achieve a hard black finish for additional protection against scratches and environmental influences.

This rear set comes either with original or with reverse shift pattern.

The RF series features one fixed position of the footpeg.

The design of the footpeg is the result of long-term testing in WorldSBK. Footpegs feature an anti-slip teeth pattern that guarantees maximum grip even in wet conditions. In case of an accident, footpegs also help to protect the engine and gearbox covers and the main frame of the motorcycle. The tip breaks off, and the rest of the peg serves as a slider. All that is required to change a broken footpeg is to undo one bolt.

With simplicity and ease of repair in mind, we make our rear sets from the fewest parts possible. The fewer parts there are, the less can go wrong.

A brake sensor can be purchased with each set to maintain the functionality of the brake light. The sensor is mounted directly on the rear brake master cylinder.

All spare parts are available here at our website.

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