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FTecu are the pioneers and market leaders in motorcycle ECU flash Tuning and are headed up by Chris Gardell.

All modern vechicles; be they cars or motorcycles have to meet strict emissions controls in order to be homologated  and given a type approval in the EU, these emissions restrictions restrict how the bike performs, rides and feels, meaning you have spent considerable amounts of money on a bike and are not getting the full performance from it.

FlashTuning is the process of modifying the stock ECU on a motorcycle to to remove these restrictions and improve the performance, responsiveness and smoothness of the bike.

A side-effect of FlashTuning an ECU is that you can turn off error codes on the dash that would normally be lit when removing road going devices like EXUP valves, steering dampers etc.

Another massive side benefit to motorcycle ECU flash tune products is that on top of all the benefits is that you can modify the fueling of the bike after changing the exhaust without the need for a third party piggyback fueling device like a Dynojet Power Ccommander, Bazzaz or Juicebox and in most cases FTecu FlashTune gives you more granularity and more control over the motorcycles fueling.

Until now products like FTecu FlashTune have been restricted to race teams through very expensive after market ECU’s like YEC, MOTEC and Magnetti Marelli, which means you now have the power to modify your stock ECU without the need to replace your bikes wiring harness, making it ideal for raceteams, privateer racers, trackday and road riders.

The FTecu FlashTune kit comes with full installation instructions, intuitive software enabling you to install and flash your bikes ECU in a matter of minutes, removing restrictions in your ECU and adjust the fueling so you have the bike just how the manufacturer designed it to be.


As the leading ECU ECU flash company FTecu keeps on innovating, ECU based QuickShifter, Blipper , ABS and dash Deletes and Race Team packages have meant that FTecu FlashTune is not just at the forefront of the competitors but also has proven wins in races and championships.

The FTecu Flashtune Race team package exceeds the capabilities of the 2015 r1 YEC software and wins races and championships.

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