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After a crash with a brand new BERIK 1-peice leather suit. The suit was ripped apart the instant that Peter hit the asphalt going in a straight line with only plain asphalt! The brand distributor took NO responsibility for the product they supplied!

This was the moment that Peter’s idea for a new kind of motorcycle rider protection was born! AlienSkin by AlienMoto


After a crash with a brand new BERIK 1-peice leather suit. The suit was ripped apart the instant that Peter hit the asphalt going in a straight line with only plain asphalt! The brand distributor took NO responsibility for the product they supplied!

This was the moment that Peter’s idea for a new kind of motorcycle rider protection was born! AlienSkin by AlienMoto


Traditional protection suits only use leather as it is a cheap by product of the meat industry, our suits would be half the price if we used leather, but we offer you the best protection using the best materials for the job

An often forgotten thing about leather is, that it once belonged to a living being…
Our protection suit will be produced only with ethical, modern and high tech materials.

AlienMoto AlienSkin A51 RR Evolution Protection suit
AlienMoto AlienSkin A51 RR Evolution Protection suit


The idea for a new kind of motorcycle protection suit came to Peter Johansson after a couple of serious motorcycle accidents, which left him both with a big skin injury on his back, torn of ligaments in his neck, bleeding in his brain and a spinal cord injury.

For a long time there have been materials available, that far exceed the durability and quality of leather, he asked himself the question WHY do we still use leather in motorcycle protection gear?

The answer that Peter found was the following…

Several millions of motorcycle leather suits are sold every year and people buy them in faith that it’s the best protection they can get…

WRONG… It’s the best protection you can get to the least expense for the producers…

L­­­­eather is the material from which the producers can make the most profit… and that’s the number 1 goal for ALL the big brands…

The producers only choose leather because it´s VERY cheap for them to buy and offers a fair protection for the end costumer, but it doesn’t offer the best protection

In other words… these big name brands are putting profit before your safety…

And because of that leather has very strong roots in the tradition of motorcycle protection, because it has always been used and people just keep following the like sheep.

Example: AlienMoto’s suit would cost less than half the price to produce if they would have chosen leather instead of synthetic materials.

And that’s where AlienMoto step in and raise the level of rider safety!

A common problem with synthetic material, has always been that it does not stretch over time as leather does and therefore it could not be used in motorcycle protection gear in the same way that leather has been used. Because it could never stretch to fit your body shape perfectly. Because of this, most high abrasive synthetic materials have only been used in motorcycle boots or as reinforcement.

But this problem is now long way gone

Because of our unique bonding technique of the synthetic materials, our protection suit offers better mobility.

AlienMoto have during the last 7 years been interviewing street riders, trackday riders, competition riders in Superbike* and MotoGp*, asking them about the problems with their gear and what they wish could have been better.

We have also during these 7 years been testing several different high tech materials and bonding methods and have now achieved the ultimate solution for maximum safety and mobility. * Patent pending.

AlienMoto’s protection suit is easier to move in than a leather suit, it offers better protection, it´s breathable, waterproof, weighs less than a leather suit and fits you like an extra skin.


These 11 things were our main goals when starting developing the suit!

1. Safety – A unique combination of several high tech materials to provide maximum rider safety. Inside CE level 2 certified protectors EN 1621-1:2012 – prEN 1621-3:2015. All high impact zones are reinforced with a material that is 5 x more abrasion-resistant than leather, 4 x than Kevlar AND 14 x more tear resistant than leather.

2 . Mobility – Easier to move in than a leather suit, both on and of the bike, thanks to the Alien Skin Technology.*

3. Comfort – Fits the body like an extra skin, which makes all protection stay in the right position, which is crucial in case of an accident. Thanks to the Alien Skin Technology.*

4. Waterproof – Waterproof material, makes rainy days into fun days.

5. Windproof – Windproof material, helps keeping your body temperature.

6. Breathable – Breathable materials, for a better body climate.

7. Low Maintenance – VERY low maintenance needed, for a perfect look and performance.

8. Washable – Machine Washable for easy cleaning and a fresh appearance. No more stinky leathers!

9. Weight – The weight of the suit is less than a leather suit that implements the same level of CE protectors.

10. Ethical – No material derived from animals is used in this protection suit. 100% Vegan.

11. Environment Friendly – Both production and logistic have much lesser impact on the environment, than leather has. We have also chosen to buy all material that is possible from companies who actively work with environment friendly production and recycling.

12. Design – Classic racing design, with futuristic features.

13. Fitment – Made to Measure tailored version available.

14. Giveback – Minimum of 5% of AlienMoto profit will go uncut to seriously injured motorcycle riders and animal welfare.

* Patent pending.


This is not only a motorcycle protection suit, it´s an environment protection suit.

Breeding animals for their skin is not ethical and it´s also very bad for the environment…, both because of all chemicals used to prepare the leathers, but also the environmental impact of breeding animals for this purpose.

A minimum water consumption: 19.500.000 litres of water is used to breed a cow to be able to use its skin to produce one (1) piece of motorcycle leathers and this does not include the water used when preparing the leather before it can be used to produce a leather suit.

A minimum feed consumption: 1950 kg forage, legumes, silage etc. is used to breed a cow to be able to use its skin to produce 1pc. motorcycle leathers.

AlienMoto’s product also offers easier logistic, because of its lighter weight and need of smaller packages than leather products, which is also is better for the environment.

Leather production is also VERY bad for the environment, because of all chemicals used to prepare the leather before it can be used in the production of leather suits.

For more information about the leather industry, please click on this text!

People always curse their leathers because of the ugly smell that motorcycle leather gets after being used for a while… HELLO ?? you are wearing the skin of a dead animal, so what did you expect !


Standard sizes: 995 EUR / £845 ex. VAT

Measure tailored suit in your own coice of colors: 1295 EUR / £1099 ex. VAT

AlienMoto also offer all customers a trade in for their old leathers, starting at 100 EUR discount and after selling these leathers ALL of the money will go uncut to Animal Wellfare charity!

AlienMoto donate a Minimum 5% of ALL sales profits from their safety gear to helping seriously injured motorcycle riders and to animal welfare.


AlienMoto’s AlienSkin Protective Suit are so strong as they use SuperFabric® to replace all leather parts of the suits.

Abrasion Resistance 5 x stronger than Leather

The armor plating of SuperFabric® is ready to fend off rock, ice, brush, debris, scuffs, and scrapes. The armor plates don’t just look pretty, they perform day in and day out. SuperFabric® materials won’t snag like knit fabrics which is especially important in helping to protect against additional injury due to material catching or pulling.

Superfabric motorcycle suits


Many fabrics tout their ability to be waterproof but fail to mention breathability. In order to have footwear, jackets, pants, etc. to be comfortable in a range of conditions, you need the material to be both water resistant and breathable. A true waterproof material such as rubber certainly keeps the rain and moisture out, but quickly traps moisture/sweat in, resulting in a ‘wet/damp’ feel and creating a highly uncomfortable situation. SuperFabric® provides a highly balanced solution of water resistance (outside) and breathability (inside). The small gap between guardplates allows flow of air around and through.

Water droplets are much bigger than air molecules. As a result, the combination of water resistance of the base fabric and the waterproof guardplates keep water from penetrating, yet allow complete breathability. In fact, many customers comment on how remarkably breathable products made with SuperFabric® are.Breathable Motorcycle Suit

Washable and Quick Drying

SuperFabric® drying is the result of a multifaceted structure that quickly dries, while keeping the elements on the outside. When liquid comes in contact with SuperFabric®, the molecules bead up on the surface, instead of being absorbed into the materials. Impervious armor plates, repellent fabric, and optional waterproof breathable membranes are all components of the advanced Speed Dry capabilities found in all SuperFabric® materials.

Washing and drying motorcycle suit

SuperFabric® materials simply don’t retain liquid because of the guard plates and breathable design. When testing SuperFabric® materials, we have found that they are able to dry more than 10 times quicker than untreated leather. Dry material means less weight. Dry material means more comfort and the ability to last longer and even in more extreme conditions. Materials such as leather that are constantly exposed to water can rot, deteriorate, and crack, therefore shortening product life and performance. SuperFabric® materials are designed to the elements, resulting in superior performance and products.

Unlike many other materials, SuperFabric® materials are not surface treated; the waterproof, breathable and quick drying fabric design is a result of the complex and innovative construction of our custom created specialty fabrics. Surface treated materials will lose their performance over time as the treatment wears off through use, washing, etc. but the performance of SuperFabric® materials will last long after our chemically sprayed competitor’s materials wear out..


AlienMoto AlienSkin A51 RR Evolution Protection suit
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