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So why are light wheels so important?
With modern Superbikes being so powerful, improved handling is now worth considerably more to a lap time than additional power. A Superbike now spends as little as 2% of its lap time on full throttle and that is the only time that power really affects lap times.

The lighter your wheels the more advantage because any loss in unsprung and rotating weight is worth several times its actual physical weight because it has a massive affect on handling. By fitting lighter wheels you will:

Massivily Reduce rotational Inertia which improves both acceleration and braking
Reduce Gyroscopic Inertia which enables turning-in with less effort and flick through chicanes with more ease
Reduce unsprung weight which improves grip and traction and reduces tyre wear
All of the the above lead to improved Handling and Reduced Rider Fatigue – and can save seconds per mile on track, when the very lightest wheels are installed

Lets lake a look at Rotobox wheels in comparison to OEM and forget alloy wheels and the main carbon wheel competitors, you will see the moment of inertia is the

Rotobox Performance Graph v competitors

Rotobox Performance Graph v competitors

You can see in this picture below that Rotobox are not only the lightest of all competitors (despite the compeitor in the photograph claiming that title)

Comparison RBX2 vs BST

Comparison RBX2 vs BST

But the quality of the carbon laying process is much more improved, increasing the strength of the wheel (and also making them so much better!)

RBX2 v BST rear wheel surface

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