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Ride for PS4 and Xbox One
R1M in the Ride Game

Bandai America have finally released Ride on the PS4 and Xbox One.

In Europe we have been playing this game for an age now, since it was released in March 2015, as a massive Yamaha fan I have the Yamaha add on pack giving me the new 2015 R1 and the R1M as well a stack of other bikes in my garage.

We have not played it for some time though, busy with work and summer and actual riding real bikes, maybe with the weather turning rapidly to winter we might fire on the PS3 (no idea why our American cousins don’t get it on the lesser consoles?) and give it another good play over the winter.

It’s a shame some of our products are not featured on the game and only the run of the mill old PowerCommander technology and some italian electronics but no FTecu Flashtune features in the game, a serious omission as any of our happy customers know ! so no FTecu flashtune kits for the bikes, no retrofitting FTecu Flashttune Quick Shifters and no downshift blipper systems for the 2015 R1 and R1m 🙁

Shame it would have been interesting to see the difference the developers would have made the bikes have !

If anyone knows the developers contact details let me know as it would be great to see FTecu in the Ride Game !!!

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