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In the past few weeks we have had reports from customers who have fitted Bazzaz piggy back modules to their Yamaha R1 bikes that then display error code 39 on their display.

Error 39 indicates a miss-communication with the injectors has occured, after 5 attempts the ECU will go into a lock down mode which requires the ECU to be reset, this is not something you can do through the Diag on the dash.

VeloxRacing can now reset these Yamaha R1 14B & 4C8 ECU’s and have several satisfied customers that can attest to our resolution. You can send us your ECU (along with your coded key) and we can return the ECU ready to fit with all faults cleared or we can offer a forward replacement of one of our ECU’s to get you back on the road whilst we repair yours.

You can even have your ECU professionally tuned by one of our engineers to improve the throttle response with our renowned Flash-Tune mail in Service.

You must however remove the Bazzaz Unit or ensure that all connnections to the injectors is functioning correctly before re-fitting the ECU otherwise it will require another reset.

Contact us on sa***@ve*********.com if you have a Yamaha R1 showing an error 39 on your dash and the bike failing to start and or call us on 07797714979 to get your pride and joy back on the road asap.

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